Restyle Your Jewelry

Restyle, redesign, restore your jewelry

Our many services include redesigning and resetting jewelry to preserve precious memories while creating the heirlooms of the future. Do you have your mother’s or grandmother’s jewelry just tucked away in a drawer? Would you like to rejuvenate, restyle or redesign your wedding rings? Are there several pieces in your jewelry box that could be combined into something new and wonderful - a unique ring, bracelet, necklace, or earrings?

"I love creating heirlooms", says Linda Snyder, "let us help you redesign your mother’s wedding rings or other pieces of jewelry. We can often make three heirlooms out of one wedding set. For example, by resetting the diamond(s) into something new for your taste, we can reset and restore each of the original rings, making something for you and for each of your children. Wouldn’t your children treasure a ring that you had created from their grandmother’s wedding set? There is no better way to honor the memories of loved ones while creating a unique symbol of love."

Our experienced and creative staff looks forward to assisting you. Restyling your jewelry can be as simple as featuring your favorite diamond in a different setting or as creative as marrying several much-loved pieces into a signature statement.

Serving Northern Colorado since 1948, our staff includes a Master Jeweler, Gemologists, a Nationally Certified Appraiser and a Watch Repairman.

Snyder Jewelers offers an exquisite selection of diamonds, engagement and wedding rings, colored stone jewelry, pearls and watches. Come and see us at our beautiful store at 2201 Ken Pratt Blvd. in Longmont and bring your treasures.

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