Facts About Palladium

Discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wallaston, Palladium is named after the Greek Goddess Pallas. She is the goddess of Wisdom, the Arts, and the embodiment of Purity and Strength. The explosive growth in popularity of white metals over the last decade has created the offering of luxurius Palladium to the consumer. Palladium offers a radiant white and exciting luster beyond that of white gold without the shop maintenance required of other white metals. Purer than Platinum, Palladium is more radiant and lustrous that white gold. Palladium is resistant to tarnish, resistant to wear, and attractively priced.

We have a selection of items that are Palladiumm and anything we have in our inventory that is White Gold or Platinum we can make for you in Palladium. Please come in and let us show you this pure, luxurious, naturally white, strong metal.

Why Palladium?

Palladium is a noble metal from which fine jewelry is fashioned using a 950 alloy. Palladium exudes luxury and purity. Palladium is ten times rarer than Gold and equally rare as Platinum. Palladium is mined together with Platinum in less than a half-dozen regions around the globe. Palladium is truly a precious metal, a fitting symbol of love, life, and other precious gifts.

  • Palladium is beautiful
    Palladium has a natural white luster that creates the perfect setting to enhance the beauty of diamonds and gemstones set within. Palladium needs no rhodium plating and is easy to maintain as it naturally retains its white exciting luster, never yellowing, tarnishing or becoming dull.
  • Palladium is strong
    Palladium is strong and durable. Palladium is not prone to prong failure and has little or no memory, making it ideal to firmly grasp precious gemstones. Palladium is naturally hypoallergenic and Palladium 950 does not contain skin irritants metals nickel & cobalt.

Common Questions about Palladium Jewelry

  • Why is platinum's purity important to me?
    Platinum, one of the world's strongest metals, is hypoallergenic, tarnish-resistant, and extremely durable.
  • Is platinum the same as white gold?
    No, it is quite different. During World War II, the U.S. government prohibited platinum use in non-military applications, including jewelry. Because of strong consumer preference for platinum's pure white luster, white gold was substituted in platinum's absence. To create white gold, yellow gold is alloyed with other metals to achieve a white look. However, platinum is white to begin with and maintains its white luster permanently. Its purity, strength, rarity, durability and naturally rich, white color make it the best choice.
  • How should I care and clean my platinum jewelry?
    Platinum jewelry should be cleaned the same way you clean other fine jewelry. Use a good prepackaged jewelry cleaner available at your local jeweler or have it professionally cleaned by your local jeweler. As with all precious jewelry, handle with care, not allowing pieces to touch or scratch each other.
  • Will platinum scratch?
    Signs of wear, including scratches, will inevitably appear in all precious metals, even in platinum. However, due to platinum's durability and strength there is usually little metal loss when the piece is scratched. If your platinum jewelry does develop visible scratches, you should have the piece repolished by a professional jeweler.
  • Is platinum fashionable and will it coordinate with my gold jewelry?
    Platinum's white color beautifully contrasts with yellow gold and adds versatility to your existing wardrobe.

Where to Buy Palladium

Platinum jewelry can be worn over a lifetime and passed on to future generations, so where you buy it is important. Buy from a professional jeweler, someone you can trust. Choose a retailer who has been serving the community for a number of years and has an established reputation. Choose Snyder Jewelers. Snyder Jewelers is a member of Jewelers of America, the national association for retail jewelers. We are knowledgeable and provide a wide selection of fine jewelry that will make selecting your platinum piece a pleasure. We will not only help you with this purchase and all of your future jewelry needs, we will also help with repairs, custom design or simply answer all your questions about jewelry.

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