Jewelry Services

Free Services

  • Free - 14kt gold solitaire mounting with the purchase of 0.50ct or larger diamond.
  • Free - inside ring engraving of rings purchased at Snyder Jewelers.
  • Free - lifetime checking and cleaning (even if it was not purchased at Snyder's.)
  • Free - first sizing of new rings purchased from Snyder Jewelers.
  • Free - Statement of Replacement Appraisal, for insurance purposes when jewelry is purchased from Snyder Jewelers.
  • Free - estimates on all jewelry and watch repairs.
  • Free – Battery Replacement for LIFE on our John Hobart Watch Collection available exclusively at Snyder Jewelers.
  • Free - sizing of watch bands for LIFE on our John Hobart Watch Collection available exclusively at Snyder Jewelers.
  • Financing up to 18 months (WAC) with no interest or service charges.

Laser Inscription on Diamonds

Snyder Jewelers can have a laser inscription ( a microscopic identification) on your diamond! The development of the Excimer Laser is the key element that has made laser eye surgery possible. The Excimer Laser was created by IBM and is a great improvement over some of the older lasers. It is a "cool laser" meaning is does not heat up the surrounding air or surfaces. The laser is a very tightly focused beam of ultraviolet light, that only penetrates the surface a microscopic amount, less than one billionth of a meter!

Now, this gentle laser is being used to inscribe diamonds and gemstones with a permanent identification number, or a personal message. Inscriptions make identification mistakes or switches virtually impossible. The inscription is only visible through a 10x to 20x eye loupe or microscope, giving you security, peace of mind and even romance! Not only can you be certain of your diamond's identity, buy you can personalize your diamond by adding an image, like a heart for instance. You can even have your diamond inscribed in your own handwriting, or with an image or logo of your choice

Lance Painter, of Gemscreen Laser, has been working in the jewelry and gem industry for many years. Painter says, "This laser is equipped with a 1000x high resolution camera, and can easily inscribe three text lines on a human hair!" You can imagine, if this laser is safe to use on the human eye, it is certainly safe to use on the hardest substance known to man. It is completely safe for your diamond. We guarantee it!

This is not a new process, Snyder's had been selling diamonds with laser inscriptions for more than 30 years. There are only a few Excimer Lasers in use in the jewelry industry today. They are in the world's most respected gem laboratories such as the Gemological Institute of America and the European Gem Laboratories.

Jewelry Repair & Restoration Services

Full service jewelry repair and restoration performed on premises in full view. By expert craftsman with over 30 years experience.

Full service jewelry repair and restoration performed on premises, by expert craftsman with over 30 years experience. Snyder Jewelers is proud to offer our customer's exclusive "cool laser" repair technology with the Laser Welder. This exclusive laser welder is one of only 1,000 currently in operation in North America. This incredible new laser is extremely useful in the restoration and repair of period pieces and antique jewelry-which cannot withstand the traditional torch repair methods. The Laser Welder is extremely versatile and can weld almost any metal including platinum, gold, and silver. It generates a highly localized beam of light at 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This intense beam of light is directed at such a controlled area, the jeweler can safely work around gemstones without removing them from the setting. This technological wonder and an expert on staff, provides peace of mind and confidence for our customers that the work is performed by experts using cutting edge technology.

Onsite Jewelry Appraisals

Appraisals are done on premises, by William Lacert, He is an independent Appraiser, Graduate Gemologist and "Certified Senior Member." of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA).

Expert Watch Repairs

Our expert watch repairman has over 30 years experience. He performs expert repairs and restoration of manual wind, quartz, kinetic and antique pocket watches. You will be called with a free estimate after he has diagnosed exactly what your watch needs before any work is completed.

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